Community Issues

So many issues face the City of Destin that it is important to have someone working for you, the residents. Matthew Pace can tackle them and help make our community a better place.

Campaign Issues: Code Enforcement

One of the largest issues that I will be pushing for the City of Destin residents is the cleanliness of the city. I believe that code enforcement in our city needs to be held to a higher standard and proper protocols should be in place to enforce the codes already on the books. Parking vehicles and boats on the street and sidewalks for extended periods of time is a very sore subject with residents and it needs to be addressed. I, as well as many other Destin residents I have talked with, understand that Destin is a fishing village, but there doesn’t mean codes shouldn’t be enforced. Garbage, debris and dumping also continue to be a problem throughout the city. I want the residents, whether renters or owners in the city, to want to take pride in keeping their home and street clean. Residents pay quite a bit of money for waste removal and the city needs to be more effective at how this service is utilized.


Campaign Issues: Stabilization of Norriego Point

Another issue that needs to be addressed in 2014, and beyond, is starting the Norriego Point stabilization project and making sure that it is done in an economical manner and environmentally sound. The funding received should be utilized to the greatest ability so that the residents, businesses and tourists can continue to use one of Destin’s greatest assets, the harbor.


Campaign Issues: City Infrastructure

Improving the neighborhoods with better lighting, sidewalks and major road and storm water repairs also has to be at the top of the list for the City of Destin.